6 Reasons to Go Raw for the New Year

(Cynthia Mosher, Editor of Veg Family Magazine, just posted a review of The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide.  Click here to read it.) 

Laura’s Top 6 Reasons to Go Raw for 2009:

1)  With the right raw diet tailored to your body, mind and spirit, you can eat tons of food and still keep that New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.

2)  You can amplify that fresh, New Year’s energy by including more fresh, living foods in your body.

3)  Ditch the winter doldrums with vibrant produce and superfoods.  Most people notice their depression and brain fog lifting after only a few days on an all or mostly raw vegan diet.  Even increasing your raw to cooked ratio by 10-20% can create a huge mood lift.

4)  Raw food is the wave of the future.  I always say, “Any diet where you can eat this much, look this radiant, and still lose weight, is not going away!”  As more celebrities and newstations become aware of the effects of organic, raw, vegan, living foods, we can expect to see more and more raw friendly options popping up everywhere.  In fact, it’s already happening.  When I first went raw in 2004, the only raw items I could find even at Whole Foods were in the produce section.  Now we have our choice of several varieties of raw granola, tons of chocolate options, trail mixes, even brownies!

5)  It’s good for the planet.  True, flying exotic berries across the globe can leave a larger ecological footprint than eating locally grown produce, but changing to a largely unprocessed vegan diet will still give you more “carbon credits” than driving a hybrid!  You can improve your health AND feel good about your contribution to the greater world.

6)  It’s all about the vibration, and high vibe foods make high vibe folks.  The more individuals raise their own vibration, the more they follow their intuition and little synchronicities.  The planet as a whole begins to shift.  Despite the wars, despite global warming and the so-called global financial crisis, Earth is still a pretty awesome place to live.  … And it’s getting better!

Happy New Year!!  May you find and create beauty, light and love!

Many Blessings,

Laura Bruno



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