Cats and Their Nine Lives: What it Might Mean to You

According to a book titled “Beware the Cat,” written by English author William Baldwin during the Dark Ages: “It is permitted for a witch to take her cat’s body nine times.” Thus began the tradition that cats have nine lives. A black cat and pointy hat still symbolize witchcraft and Halloween, but do cats really have nine lives? And if they do, what might that mean for cat lovers?

I do a lot of animal communication sessions with cats, and they always amuse and inspire me with their kooky antics and deep commitment to healing their human friends. Often people contact me due to “bad behavior.” Their cat has become unfriendly, aggressive, territorial, or perhaps quite ill. When the veterinarian says, “I don’t know,” kitty lovers still want to help their feline friends. Typically, they ask me to ask if the cat wants a different kind of food. Given the quality of pet food these days, that answer usually comes back a resounding, “Yes!”

But opening the portals of communication frees other messages as well. Whether they present themselves as total divas or the household clown, most cats have a deeper soul purpose for selecting their human companions. As it turns out, associations with witchcraft and cats are not so far off: in many cases, cats have come to help their humans heal from past life issues of persecution.

One such cat hissed and prepared to attack anyone who got too close to her human–a most unfriendly feline! When the cat’s behavior became too difficult to ignore, her human asked me to tune in. Lo and behold, this kitty had acted as her familiar back in William Baldwin’s Dark Ages. The kitty felt guilty for failing to protect her unlucky witch from being burned at the stake. She overcompensated in this lifetime by attacking anyone and everyone who came too close–never knowing who was friend or foe. Since this former witch had been betrayed by a relative in the Dark Ages, the cat’s suspicion allowed us all to explore discernment, callings, protection and how the times have changed.

As her human family began to recognize this fiery kitty as a healer, her “bad behavior” began to change. She now cuddles, purrs and welcomes opportunities to help others embrace their gifts. Her homo sapien has likewise reclaimed more of her own intuition and ability to teach and support others on a spiritual path. They now view themselves on a mutual journey, but instead of tragedy or aggression, they can focus on love and soul-mate-like understanding.

In another instance, a writer’s cats kept eating her plants, nibbling her manuscript, swallowing and spitting up tape, and batting the papers off her desk. The writer initially viewed such actions as a major nuisance. When, “no!” obviously did not mean no, she consulted me to find out about possible dietary supplements or additional messages. These cats eat the highest quality food imagineable–far better than most humans–but they did offer a few supplement and treat requests. More than that, they shared that they wanted the writer to know how supported she really was. One of the cats shared multiple past lives with her in Egypt and encouraged the writer to tune into the spiritual process of regeneration. The cat then offered specific suggestions on how to invoke more power and creativity in the writer’s life. He also helped her to see how with his help, she had already moved past some old issues and could safely move forward into more joyful territory. The other cat did not share a past life with the writer, but indicated that the writer should pay attention to the numbers on chewed manuscript pages. It turns out the page numbers and chewed words spelled out messages. Both cats explained why they kept eating and spitting up tape: they found it fun, but more importantly, this behavior illustrated a key factor in their human’s personal growth.

Many people assume that the nine lives rumor comes from cats’ uncanny ability to land on their feet–surviving falls that would kill most other species. Indeed, cats do offer us a model of resilience! But they usually want to offer more than that. Through play, diva-action, illness, attacks and falls, they deeply desire recognition. They select their humans carefully and create their behaviors deliberately. Take a moment to close your eyes and ask your cat what they really want to say to you. They may not speak English, but most will nudge you in some direction. They’re very, very smart, curious, and committed. Most of them would leap off a building, climb a tree, develop feline leukemia, or even stand down a dog for you–if they thought that would help you find your way.

Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher. In addition to private coaching and intuitive sessions, she teaches Conscious Eating 101 classes, Intuition workshops and Reiki Certification classes around the US. For more information on classes, animal communication, raw food coaching, transitional coaching, and letting your gifts shine through your career, please see: or call 775-750-9140.

Laura has also written two books, available at and

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