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High Vibration Foods, Sounds and Colors

Hi Folks,

Sorry for a week without updates.  I’ve spent this time preparing some fun new things for you but haven’t yet had a chance to post them.  Rumor has it that one of these will appear on sometime this week. I’ve also got a video in the works, plus some new articles.  In the meantime, here are some easy ways to raise your vibration, which makes animal communication, telepathy and angel healing work that much more effective:

High Vibration Foods

1) Anything in its uncooked, minimally processed raw, sprouted and organic state maintains or amplifies its originally high life force.

2) Greens!  (Because they grow UP towards the sun, and also because they alkalize your system, letting you move into a positively flowing space.)

3) Food and water infused with Reiki.  Even if you only know Reiki Level 1, you can hold your hands above your food/water (or imagine doing so) in order to activate its enzymes and life force.  A highly love-infused blessing will increase vibration, too.

4) Raw cacao, provided you treat it with reverence and love, and not just as “candy.”  Consider raw cacao in the same category as tobacco or alcohol, both sacred substances, which can become addictive or vibration lowering if abused.  Raw cacao in small, loving, deliberate doses can have the effect of opening and softening the heart, inviting bliss and increased awareness.  If you don’t feel it, don’t worry.  No one’s making you eat raw cacao!  You will know if it resonates with you.

5) Spirulina and/or E3Live.  These tiny, ancient organisms bring us closer to the original, watery love-vibe of Mother Earth.

6) Goji Berries.  A Tibetan wonder, perhaps the most studied “superfood,” goji berries visibly raise the vibration of people who regularly consume them.  I can usually “pick out” the goji eaters or goji drinkers in a crowd.

High Vibration Sounds

1) “The Sound of Silence.”  Your right brain naturally receives more telepathic and auditory information.  When you want to tune in, allow yourself to tune out the static for a while.  You might be surprised at what comes through!

2) Moving water, especially an ocean, creek, large lake or stream.  Water freshens the air, allowing us to inhale more oxygen.  It also releases negative ions that sharpen mental clarity and enhance relaxation.  Listening to water reminds us that life ebbs and flows, so that we can keep our vibration high even when faced with troubling times.

3) The sounds “ah” and “oh” as in “alleluia,” “holy, holy, holy,” and “ahhh-ohhhh-mmmm.”

4) For aura strengthening when you find yourself surrounded by negativity or fear, try “Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasuudeevaaya.”  There’s a guided meditation on Yogiraj Alan Finger’s CD, or you can listen to a musical version here.

5) “The Gayatri Mantra.”  Sometimes called the original and most sacred mantra, this beautiful chant opens the third eye, heart and crown, invoking blessings through the power of sound, vibration and intention.

6) “Om.” Did you know that you can balance all of your lower chakras just by balancing your crown (at the top of your head)?  Chanting the ancient sound of Om creates resonance within your nasal passages and sinus cavities, which stimulates parts of the brain, which in turn reorganizes the rest of your energy system.  Krishna Das makes the most amazing Om sounds.  You can hear some of them here

High Vibration Colors

Believe it or not, all colors (even red, black, brown and grey) can carry high vibrations.  It just depends on your perspective. 

Although many people think of black as a “negative” color, it actually contains ALL colors.  No doubt, black presents intense energy, but consider embracing the color instead of denigrating it.  Oftentimes when we perceive black as bad, it’s because we are too close or too attached to outcomes.  Step back and ask to recognize the beauty before you.  When approached from an awareness of Oneness, black becomes an opportunity–the darkly cocooned metamorphosis, that sacred void, the profound mystery of All That Is.

Grey reminds us that nothing is merely black or white.  We fear grey, perhaps more than any other color, because it challenges us to move beyond a world of “obvious” duality.  Grey brings us to the twilight hour, where shapes shift and forms reveal their underlying fluidity.  As fog or dark skies roll in, they carry moisture, the watery force that first made life livable on Planet Earth.  Grey brings the promise of those magical moments when we see sunlight streaming through the clouds–a reminder of anticipation followed by fresh downpours of sunlight, rain and blessings.

Brown, often explained as a smudge or cloud on the aura, likewise holds potent light.  Consider that most seeds occur in shades of brown.  These lock in the life force energy that eventually explodes into active, growing life.  Moist, rich soil is brown, as is chocolate, most tree bark, and human skin when exposed to sunlight.  Brown connects us to earth energy and reminds us of the latent power running through all our lives.

Red, the color of the root chakra, is often contrasted to the violet or white of the crown chakra.  Sometimes people will read an aura as “good or bad” based on how much purple or blue they see.  Again, such judgment colors our perspective and weakens its accuracy.  Red anchors us to earth and therefore allows us to expand to higher spiritual heights while still maintaining human form.  Without strong roots, we simply cannot sustain our maximum spiritual growth.  Remember that violet comes from mixing red and blue (the root with the throat and third eye); white comes by blending all the colors.  

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from the movie, “Silence Becomes You”:

“When the white light meets the black void, it does not make grey.  It makes all the colors of the universe.”

When confronted with “lower vibration colors,” amp up your own white light, and then look again.  I guarantee you’ll catch more rainbows!

Archangel Raphael: Experiments in Communication

Some of you may have noticed that this “Animal Communication” blog has quickly turned into a blog about all sorts of communication.  Indeed, angel topics have become almost as common as animals!  You can use many of the same techniques to communicate with pets, animal spirit guides and angels, so I just post the articles as they come to me.

For today, I have a very exciting announcement:  the painting I commissioned back in February from visionary artist Deborah Justice is finally complete!  Justice (she goes by her last name) has just finished the final protective coat before coast to coast shipment, but she sent me a jpeg with permission to share the image on my blog. 

The painting itself resonates so much power, dynamism, mystery and compassion.  Having worked closely with Raphael since writing my 1995 honors thesis on the role of Raphael in Milton’s Paradise Lost, I’m just blown away by how deeply Justice portrays the essence of Raphael.  What began as a fun little experiment became an eight-month journey.  Justice and the direction of her work have both transformed through her encounters with Raphael. (You can view the painting with some suggested Raphael meditations below.)

For those of you who think you may not have experienced connections with the angels, or if you feel skeptical about this whole topic, Raphael offers a gentle way to begin.  In Paradise Lost, Milton draws upon the Apocryphal Book of Tobit’s tradition of Raphael as both healer and guide.  God sends this Archangel to Eden to converse with Adam, dine with the first couple, and convey warnings about a potential Fall from Grace.  Raphael proves himself a lively and engaging guest, relaying tales about the War in Heaven, philosophizing about differences between humans and angels, and talking about complex topics like telepathy, Ascension and merging of energies. 

No, Milton does not always use these exact terms!  As I’ve said before, he was a man ahead of his time, and he gets a bad rap in high school English classes as dreadfully boring. I sure thought so until I lucked into a Milton class taught by Professor Reid Barbour at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Suddenly, Milton came alive.  Yeah, he has issues with women, and yes, he can sound a bit pedantic, but John Milton lays it all out there.  He’s one of the most educated and rational thinkers ever to live and record his experiences.  That left brain filled itself with philosophy, science, politics, classical literature, astronomy, world travel, Italian, Latin, Greek and Hebrew.  He could debate with the best of them, and he often did.

But Milton also found ways to engage his spiritual side.  He was not exactly a fundamentalist.  On the contrary, many people viewed him as a dangerous heretic because he explored orthodox beliefs and put them to the test.  He believed that “a cloistered virtue is no virtue at all,” arguing for the importance of free will, experimentation and observation.  Unlike religions that insist on faith without reason or favor repression over choice, Milton argues that the strongest and truest faith comes through the rigors of scientific inquiry, engaging dialog, and experience.  (He even references some of Galileo’s theories in Paradise Lost.)  In this regard, Milton serves as a model for today’s group of highly educated, super-intelligent, critical thinkers who nonetheless feel called to spiritual pursuits.  He embodies intensity from all angles, letting his own grit show through in hopes of grinding that grit into a pearl.

So what’s all this Milton praise got to do with Archangel Raphael?  Well, in Paradise Lost, Milton follows the classical tradition of invoking the muse.  At some points, “heavenly muse” seems to refer to the Holy Spirit, but throughout much of his epic poem, Milton calls upon Raphael as his muse and guide through tricky territory.  Milton the poet lets Raphael the character explain controversial theology to Adam; however, I have long believed that Milton the person drew upon Raphael the Archangel as his true guide and sometimes inspiration in writing Paradise Lost.  

Having worked closely with Raphael as a guide in healing and creative work, I notice so many uncanny similarities.  A few hallmarks of Raphael:

1) Particularly helpful for people with visual problems. (Milton dictated Paradise Lost; he was completely blind when he wrote this incredibly erudite epic poem.)

2) Helpful in the process of “accommodation,” or “justifying the ways of God to man.”  Traditionally, Raphael acts as the most social and “human-like” of the angels.  Though still mysterious and different, he provides some of the gentlest and most “familiar” guidance of all the angels. (Milton the poet uses Raphael the character for translation tasks.  It’s also clear in parts of the poem that Milton the man has no idea how he’s going to explain himself; he asks for help and then some other voice and influence takes over.  That “voice” feels quite similar to the guidance and energy that intuitive healers routinely feel from Raphael.)

3) Raphael means “health of God” or “God heals.”  Raphael always brings healing wherever he goes.  (Though called Paradise Lost, this poem offers so many seeds of hope for humanity.  In many cases, those seeds have just begun to sprout in the late 20th and early 21st century.  In a 17th century text, Milton explores things like breatharianism, raw and living foods, digestion as a means to Ascension, alchemy as a physical and spiritual process, stewardship of the earth, Faith in the Age of Reason, communication with angels, man and woman’s role in the universe, the energy of love, numerology, and the evolution of our species.  These are all concerns of Raphael and areas that he and his angel friends help support and nurture.)

4) Raphael specializes in helping people embrace ALL of their brains, gifts, and faith.  As humans we have complex and sometimes contradictory experiences.  Especially as we move faster and faster on evolutionary cycles, so many people hunger to believe, yet want to honor the rational side as well.  For me, it took a brain injury to give my intuitive side its appropriate place in my life.  I learned to value both rational and spiritual and to realize that these need not be either/or.  As we move into a world of both-and, Raphael supports and inspires our journey.

So … without further preamble, I present to you Deborah Justice’s “Raphael and the Miracle” — before I have even received the original:

Raphael and The Miracle by Deborah Justice

Raphael and The Miracle by Deborah Justice

I also invite you to try some communication experiments:
1) If you have never tried to connect with an angel before, or you have and it “hasn’t worked,” you can spend some time staring at the image.  The Russian Orthodox church has long used icons as a means to deepen prayerful connection to saints.  Eastern traditions use “yantra meditations” for similar effects of calming and focusing the mind.  You can ponder Justice’s painting of Archangel Raphael as a bridge to help you develop your own connection.
2)  Download a sound file created by author, teacher and vocalist Tom Kenyon.  Tom has offered Raphael’s sounds as “a gift to the world in these troubled times.”  These are copyrighted sounds so I cannot include the file on my blog, but please do check out this free download along with Tom’s other amazing vocals.  Since we all have different strengths, some people find auditory connections easier and deeper than visual ones.  Just because one method doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean no method will support your quest.  Experiment and explore.
3) You can try a “synesthetic” meditation by playing Tom Kenyon’s Raphael sounds while looking at “Raphael and The Miracle.”  I’ve tried this multisensory experience and personally find it a potent lead-in to meditation.  If you have trouble with your “monkey mind,” then sometimes including both sounds and visuals in your meditation allows you to transcend both.
4) Create your own lines of communication with Archangel Raphael by inviting him to support your healing journey, world offerings, poetry, painting, raw food transition, or spiritual exploration.  Such things are right up his alley, and Raphael takes a special interest in humanity at this time.
5) I invite you to share your experiences as comments, if you so desire.  Throughout years of teaching classes, I’ve noticed that people benefit from one another’s stories.  I created this blog in part as a means for diverse people to connect and honor each other in ways they may not have realized possible.  So many clients and students feel isolated in their unusual experiences, synchronicities, challenges and intuitions.  I intend this blog as a safe space for sharing and growing.
Peace and Many Blessings to you!
Laura Bruno
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Contact artist Deborah Justice at justicegalactica @ earthlink dot net.  She’s revamping her website, which I’ll include here when ready.
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Why Telepathy Makes People Mad

With the growing interest in Animal Communication, uber-bloggers like Steve Pavlina talking to spiders, and more people embracing higher vibration foods, also comes a backlash from people who would rather maintain old boundaries and a “comfortable” sense of separation.  Anger, outrage, scorn and disbelief explode as those who accept (or at least explore) ideas of Oneness make their voices heard in larger and different ways. 

Despite diatribes against talking to ants, I really don’t believe people hate bugs that much.  They just don’t want to think of bugs as sentient, conscious beings, because, let’s face it:  if the bugs have feelings and respond to us, then what does that say about animals and humans?  And what about “no see ‘ems” like angels, extraterrestrials, spirit guides, and disembodied souls?  When you start talking about bugs as conscious beings with whom we can communicate, you open a whole ‘nother can of (potentially thinking and feeling) worms!

This polarization occurs in areas besides Animal Communication.  My deaf niece Amanda recently received a cochlear implant and for the first time in her life has begun to hear.  I have several contacts in the deaf community, and from what I understand, cochlear implants have become incredibly controversial.  Parts of the deaf community feel that hearing will rob children of the gifts of being deaf, while others laud how technological progress opens possibilities.  Many people have so appreciated my sister-in-law’s careful chronical of Amanda’s journey, because it brings this controvery back to individuals simply documenting their experience.  Their blogs acknowledge the challenges but also share a sense of joy and liberation at Amanda’s growing ability to communicate in different ways.

The controversy of cochlear implants has actually reached the national level, as advances in hearing technology have literally changed expectations and responsibilities for educating the deaf.  Teachers who cannot hear and who communicate with ASL (American Sign Language) only, must now find ways to help students with CI’s embrace other languages and techniques.  People who have never used their own voice must now teach others to use theirs.  How do schools find a balance among so many different levels of hearing, speaking and awareness?  What does it mean to be deaf in 2008?  Emotions on both sides mirror what’s taking place in the world at large. 

Consider how communication has changed and expanded exponentially in recent years.  When the World Wide Web initially appeared, some people “got” the potential, but very few could predict just how much it would revolutionize our world.  Within a few short years, “everyone” was online.  Communities like MySpace, Facebook, GI2MR, Twitter, eHarmony, and others have practically eliminated space-time restrictions to communication and relationship.  It’s no longer unusual for folks to have friends on several continents, even if they’ve never left their own country. 

The advent of blogging and e-books has further crunched time and space.  We no longer need to wait for publishers and printers to release our messages.  One click of the “publish” or “post” button does the trick, making words, sounds and images immediately available to millions.  Translation software turns language differences into a non-issue, and viral videos like Dancing with the Universe go beyond words altogether. 

Even the news media has had to reckon with YouTube.  Primary debates allowed videos from actual voters asking questions of the candidates, and today’s presidential race dodges daily influence from blogs, pirate videos and online fact-checkers. Today, I saw a political analyst on TV, superimposed by his Twitter account with viewers asking him “real-time” questions. 

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, it differs from email in that everyone can follow your conversations with everyone else.  Talk about communication transparency!  If you sign up to “follow” someone on Twitter, you can view their “tweets” all day long, along with online archives of all correspondence.  In a sense you merge your consciousness with theirs, past, present and with the opportunity of future tweets. The catch?  The messages must be conveyed in 140 characters or less. Thus, shorthand and abbreviations dominate, just like in animal communication sessions or sign language.  Oddly evocative of Haiku, Twitter encourages its “tweeters” to convey much with little.

Major news programs now request photos and text messages from ordinary people’s cells and Blackberries.  Why?  Because it’s faster; they get immediate coverage. Thus, the desire to crush time as a factor in communication has democratized the news.  Significant enough numbers of people have tired of the elite forms of information distribution.  En masse and individually, they have finally said, “No, thank you” to old boundaries, hierarchies and separation.  They have reclaimed and/or invented new means of communication that transcend the bounds of time and space. The more this happens, the more we’ve moved into COMMUNicatION.  Crunch it just a little more, and you get COMMUNION.  Oneness.

So, why does telepathy make people mad? 

Because telepathy means change.  Mainstreaming telepathy means an inevitable collapse of all the boundaries, fences, walls and judgments that keep things separate.  It means lies we tell ourselves and others will become more transparent.  It means intention becomes a more powerful and obvious force.  It means that those whose power comes from secrecy or fear mongering will eventually lose their sway.  Because individuals refuse to be silenced:  man, woman, child, animal, bug, angel, extraterrestrial … they’re all exploring new ways to hear and help themselves be heard.  The intense emotions and attacks in the deaf and Animal Communication arenas only amplify what’s happening everywhere else.

The writing is already on the wall.  And in the blogs.  And paintings and tweets and chat rooms.  I’m reminded here of William Wordsworth:

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
The Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
It moves us not.–Great God! I’d rather be
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn.


In reality, we’re really not that far from universal telepathy. Think about it: fifty years ago, few people thought the deaf would ever hear; fewer people imagined sending “Instant Messages” to people in different time zones; and almost no one expected someone named Steve Pavlina to talk to spiders! 

Whether or not people “believe in evolution,” we’re all in it.  Right this very moment, humans and this planet are evolving.  The Mayan Calendar, E.T. channelings and the New Age movement all suggest a movement to the 4th dimension, one in which time functions in a very different way.  One which emphasizes timing more than time.  Synchronicity.  This shift involves a change of vibration, perhaps the very vibration heralded by raw foodists and long time meditators.  In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter which route you choose, because the tide is strong now. 

You don’t need to read esoteric spiritual teaching to recognize the forces of change.  Turn on the news.  Look at the stock market.  777 point drop on 9/29?  The US Financial Market in a shambles?  The barriers have already begun to crumble.  CNN’s feature on raw food generated unprecedented interest.  We have a black man in the running for president.  Oprah’s talking about past lives.  You can “tweet” from anywhere.  Technology, Telepathy, Synchronicity, and Oneness. “The Word is very near.  It is in your mouth and in your heart that you may observe it.”

Isn’t it time we do?

Copyright 2008 Laura Bruno

Intention and Animal Communication: Rusty the Dog

Today’s post comes from The Intenders, and I just had to share this sweet, symbolic story of Rusty the dog.  Many of my clients subscribe to the daily emails from The Intenders and find them uplifting reminders on their journey.  Enjoy!

The Bridge ~ Reminder #3
Freeing Our Spirit

How do you nurture the growing light?
You keep believing it will continue to grow.


Before we can have true freedom we have to be able to learn from our experiences. This means that we stop repeating the same behavior that has been causing us discomfort, and instead, change our attitudes and actions. This is how we achieve a different result, one that serves us and everyone around us better.As our light seeks for its fullest radiance we will gradually slide out from under the shadows of others who would continue to control us as long as we let them, and step into our own sovereign power, independent and strong in the knowledge that each and every one of us is free to create to our heart’s content, that we are helped every step of the way, and that nothing can stop us unless we allow it.
We can have it all. But first we must be ready to make some changes in our lives.

For the past two years I’ve taken daily walks around the lake near where I live. It’s my favorite form of exercise and, at the same time, the magnificent vistas of the surrounding mountains provide me with a perfect environment for opening up to new creative ideas.As is my custom, I walk steadily, never stopping along the way except to take occasional notes and to pet a friendly, reddish-brown dog who guards a house by the lake. I call him Rusty, although I doubt that that’s what his owners named him. He’s a part collie, part chow cross, and he’s chained alone to a small doghouse that sits away from the owner’s house, out in the middle of the yard. Snow, rain or shine, day in and day out, one thing never changed on my walks: Rusty was always there.

When I first moved into the neighborhood Rusty was younger, and he would bark and jump and run wildly toward me until the chain jerked him to a sudden halt. That didn’t stop him though. Back then, Rusty was lively and full of Spirit. But over the last couple of years something inside him shifted. Now, he’s no longer as lively. It’s as if he’s been beaten down by the boredom and he’s resigned himself to living his days at the end of a chain. His Spirit only comes to life in the evening when, for a brief moment, his owner delivers a bowl of food and a few pats on the head before going back into the house.

One day about four months ago, something interesting happened. Just before sunset on a chilly spring evening. I was walking by in my usual way, admiring the last of the season’s snow that still whitened the peaks in the distance, when Rusty’s owner came out with his nightly bowl of food. Rusty jumped up and ran to the length of the chain, only this time, instead of jerking him back into place, it broke.

I watched from a distance as Rusty pranced and danced like never before, free as a bird! At first he stayed well out of the range of his owner who called and cajoled him for several minutes, all the while cussing the chilly wind and the situation in general. He just wanted to get the dog fed and get back into his toasty, warm house.

Rusty, on the other hand, ran and played around like a young pup, enjoying his first feeling of freedom in years. His eyes, usually so sullen and sad, sparkled now with a newfound brightness. His Spirit was returning; he had come back to life, and I whispered a silent prayer that he would run away and take his chances out in the world. You see, I’m always trusting that the Universe takes care of us, as long as we intend it for ourselves. To me. it looked like anything would be better than going back to living on a chain.

It was starting to get darker, and as I rounded the end of the lake and turned back toward home, I watched as the owner went back into the house and came out a minute later holding a bag of special treats high in the air and shaking them loudly. Within moments Rusty was back on the chain. He was unable to resist the temptation of the tasty nuggets.

The following day Rusty was there as usual. The sparkle was gone as he lay there in the dirt with those sad, expressive eyes. Attached to his collar was a new chain, shorter and stronger than the first. He looked horrible, but at the same time there was something different in him, like he hadn’t completely forgotten how good it felt to be free the day before. I went up to give him a rub behind the ears, and I was talking to him like I talk to all the animals, (Hi guy! How’s it going etc, etc?), only this time my curiosity got the best of me and I asked him why he gave up his freedom to live his life chained in the yard, just for the sake of a few treats?

In an instant, his Spirit, which seemed so faraway only moments before, lit up, and his answer shot telepathically through my mind. He said, “Hey Ton, no one’s home yet. How about if you undo this heavy chain and we’ll see if I fall for that same old trick again?”

I’d better not tell you what I did.

My Intention for today is:
  I Intend that I am learning from my experiences so that I am only repeating the ones that bring me happiness.

We encourage you to forward this message to your list of friends. If this message was sent to you from a friend, you can go to to sign up free for The Intenders Bridge. Anytime you would like to obtain a missing or misplaced Intenders Bridge Message, you can go to: or Click Here. Missing Bridge Messages are most likely to be found in your Bulk mail folder. To Sign Up for your Personal Intenders Notebook, Click Here.

For more on lessons from the animals, you might enjoy:  Synchronicity, Intuition and Animals.  If you love dogs, you might also like: Sophie’s Story.


Angels, Spirit Guides and Pets

If you have recently asked for help, guidance and protection from angels and/or spirit guides, you might notice your pets acting rather odd.  Perhaps they seem agitated, nervous, or extra loving to you.  Maybe they look confused or seem extra needy.  You might even find them staring at you with questioning eyes, almost as if to say, “Hello?  What do you want me to do here?”  If they continue to receive no guidance from you, they may soon exhibit signs of frustration, even though you find nothing wrong.

 (The Annunciation, by animal lover Leonardo da Vinci)

Under the circumstances, such behavior actually makes sense.  When you “invite” or “invoke” help and visitations from angels, animal spirits and other spirit guides, you probably don’t “see” such beings surrounding you.  Indeed, most people admit that seeing an angel would make them question their sanity!  Even those who want to see something before believing in it, often secretly prefer clairaudient messages to clairvoyant ones.  Seeing spirits scares or at the very least unnerves most people, and so humans usually opt to remain in third dimensional reality.  We can “talk” to angels and ask them for protection, but we don’t usually mean sitting down to tea together!  Pets, on the other hand, make fewer distinctions.  When angels or other spirit guides start hanging around you, your animal friends take notice.

In coaching people who communicate with angels and spirit guides, I often end up helping them calm their pets.  I ask them to imagine how they would feel if they suddenly saw Archangel Raphael sitting in their kitchen.  The response tends to go something like this:

“Wow!  That would be cool.  Well, cool, but also kind of scary.  I mean, seeing an angel.  Well, that’s not something I can really tell my friends about.  That’s why I’m so glad I have you.  I mean, I can tell you that, but if I didn’t have someone like you to talk to, then I might start to wonder if I’m crazy.  Or maybe I’d convince myself I didn’t really see what I thought I saw.”

“So … you wouldn’t just sit down and have a chat with Raphael?”

“Um, well, I think I might be too afraid until I talked to someone about it.  Like I said, I think I’d try to convince myself I hadn’t seen it.”

“What if you kept seeing Raphael, along with several other angels and all of your spirit guides?  You know, your eagle, deer and cougar spirit friends?”

“Um … Well, that’s where I’m really glad I have someone like you in my life because I know we could talk about it, and I’d probably realize it’s a really good thing, and I asked them to come and they’re helping me.”

“Hmmm … so talking and processing with someone would help you to recognize these visitations as blessings instead of scary?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“What if I told you your cat/dog/turtle/lizard/bird/rabbit/horse friend doesn’t have your list of visual restrictions and actually sees some or all of your angels and spirit guides?”

“Wow, I never thought of that.”

“And have you been communicating with your little friend, letting him or her know you invited these folks and that they’re here to help?”

“Um, no.”

“Well, can you see why your little friend might wonder why you don’t see these visitors and wonder whether s/he should bark/meow/hide/squawk/announce their presence?  When you look at your pets with a blank stare, they start wondering if they’ve lost their minds!”

“Oh, my goodness!  I never thought of that!  Can you talk to them?”

“Yes, of course, I’ll tune in for a moment, but they’ll also want to know that you invited these spirits.  When they start acting odd, just reassure them and treat them the way I respond to you when you tell me something ‘too weird to tell anyone else.’  You don’t need words so much as compassionate understanding of your friend.  Let them know how much you love them and that you invited Raphael or Michael into your life and home.  Let them know that the spirit of the cougar gives you courage and helps you walk in your truth. …”

As we continue talking, most people realize that their animal friends have just given them another spiritual blessing:  a confirmation of answered prayers.  When you ask for angelic or spiritual assistance and you feel better but your pets act strange, consider their behavior another message from your guides:  “We have heard your cries and we’ve come to help.  Your pet is not barking/hissing because s/he senses our kind intentions, but yes, s/he sees us.  We are here as you requested.”

If, after giving your animal friend extra compassionate understanding, you still find their behavior unusual or frustrated, feel free to schedule an Animal Communication Session.  The angels may have spoken to them on your behalf, or perhaps your animal friend just wants to share some extra support for you.  In any case, whenever you ask, then God, the angels, spirit guides and even your little friends respond.  You can expect it.

Because you are loved.

Intuition, Animal Communication and Essence

Many clients and students express interest in deepening their intuition and awareness so that they can find ways of communicating with their own pets and/or animals in the wild.  The process I utilize during Animal Communication Sessions (and all intuitive sessions, for that matter!) involves embracing what my husband and I call “essence.” 

My husband, Stephen Bruno, created the following list in 2004.  Although he no longer teaches, he utlizes the same essence process in his photography, which is why so many people feel deeply affected by his work–especially portraits of animals and people.  He titled this list “The Nature of Essence”:

  • You are created in your essence and not as a product of your “enculturation.”
  • Essence is aware of its own existence without interference.
  • Often experienced as love, truth, energy, compassion and peace.
  • There is no intermediate substance necessary for the awareness of essence.
  • It is not what exists.  It is the existence itself.
  • Essence is the organ of perception and experience.  Essence transcends the human senses.
  • Essence is when what perceives and what is perceived is the same object.
  • Essence is the awareness of its own existence directly, intimately, and with certainty.
  • Essence is the different quality of experiencing life.
  • Essence is without judgment, self-importance, or conditioning.
  • Independent of the nervous system and transcends physiological process.
  • Essence can exist without the physical or human host organism.
  • It exists whether there is action or not.
  • Embracing essence creates wisdom, compassion, and healing.
  • Essence is a subtle but exquisite sense of compassion for all life.
  • Essence is a pleasurable quality with an unlimited source of energy.
  • Essence has no identification with previous conscious experience.
  • Your personality is changed in cooperation with embracing essence.
  • There is no end to the development and unfolding of your essence.
  • Will completely quench the heart, soul and offer peace of mind.
  • Essence has no cultural or gender bias.
  • Hidden within, yet it is not part of its nature to be concealed or secret.
  • Essence embraces individual and universal preservation equally.
  • All living things have a unique essence.
  • Essence is within, just as space is within us.
  • Essence is a different structure of existence from the body.
  • Essence is the ultimate reality that empowers all outward manifestations and change.
  • When in touch with essence we have substance.
  • Essence is known best by remembering it.
  • Essence is often not recognized even when it is present.
  • When essence is recognized, it starts to move to a deeper sphere.
  • To be a genuine human being, a complete human being, is to be essence.
  • Essence is covered up as your personality develops.
  • The power, resilience, and strength of essence are unlimited.
  • Exposes personality emptiness, bares its hurts, and makes transparent its falsehood.
  • Self-esteem, when it is authentic, is the value of essence.
  • The rediscovery of essence is the beginning of the true nature of life.
  • It is endless in its aspects, qualities, dimensions, capacities, and possibilities.
  • Life becomes a process of creative discovery when essence is experienced as the true being.

In addition to specific techniques for enhancing intuition and telepathy, my classes often help people to embrace their natural essence. I thought I’d share some information here for those who cannot attend in person.

Ant Control: Compassionate Ways of Dealing with Ants

So, you’ve decided to walk more lightly on the Earth.  You buy organic fruits and vegetables.  You’ve rid your home of toxic cleaning products.  Heck, maybe you even drive a hybrid!  Some of you gradually went vegetarian or vegan, and now it really bothers you to think of killing anything.

Except ants! 

What happens when they invade your pristine eco-home?  What happens when you don’t want to kill them, but you also want to avoid “protecting” your home with poisonous pesticides?  I’ve faced this very same dilemma, especially when moving to properties left vacant for awhile.  Through experimentation, animal communication and sheer luck, I’ve discovered a few helpful hints:

What Doesn’t Work

When my now-husband lived on Vashon Island near Seattle, he got one of those sonic “rat deterrants.”  Practically everyone on that island has rats, and we didn’t want to kill them.  This plug-in device would supposedly encourage them to live elsewhere because the sound interrupted their enjoyment of our inner walls.  It worked great … for getting rid of rats.  Unfortunately, the sound or electrical current also drove all the carpenter ants out of the walls and into his kitchen and living room!

These were no ordinary ants, either.  They knew how to camouflage themselves, lining up along carpet patterns and linoleum seams.  They could mimic shadows and create their own tile designs.  I still had remnants of my brain injury and chasing those little guys around was somewhat maddening.  I didn’t want to kill them, but even if I had, they were big ants, with thick segments- – not exactly easy to squash. 

We looked online for non-toxic, compassionate ways to deter ants.  Several sites suggested spraying a mixture of lavender and peppermint essential oils in water.  I did this religiously, all over his counters, along cracks in the floors, over door thresholds.  Imagine my horror when the next morning I found not just six or seven aunts creeping along the counters and floors, but dozens to hundreds of black, crunchy beasties eagerly gobbling up their repellant.  They loved  it! 

Peppermint and lavender do NOT repel ants.  I have tried this on numerous occasions, always with the same result.  Adding peppermint and lavender to countertops invites ants to have a party, not depart.

Eventually, my husband and I decided to go the “old fashioned route” of sending telepathic messages to the ants to leave.  It took a great deal of concentration to get the attention of so many of them, and we temporarily needed to unplug our rat repellant.  Eventually, the queen revealed herself and we “relocated” her to a giant woodpile.  The ants followed their leader.  Anytime I used peppermint or lavender, though, a few of them wandered back in for a sniff!

What attracts ants

Most people know not to leave food particles around, lest ants invade the kitchen, but some things attract them more than others:


coconut oil




Yes, water.  Many times when ants invade your home, they seek water rather than food.  I have occasionally seen ants crawling all over my Brita trying to find the entrance to its little reservoir.  Even if I have crumbs messing up the counter, these ants don’t care about the food; it’s liquid they want. 

Ants are also highly sensitive to energy vibrations.  When we lived at Lake Tahoe, we had no ant problem except during my daily yoga routine.  The moment I unfurled my mat and put on a yoga DVD, these large, high desert ants marched out to join me.  They surrounded me like my own miniature class, and no, I’m not making this up!  When I finished practicing yoga, they would retreat until the following afternoon’s asanas.  I even noticed that they liked some DVD’s better than others.  Yoga for Beauty seemed like a particular favorite, judging by their numbers.  It felt a bit difficult to do my pranayama (breathing) and suvasana (corpse pose) with all those ants around me, but they never bit me.  Apparently, they just liked the yoga vibe. 

Ants often appear when your money luck is changing.  Perhaps because they work so hard, or because they can carry ten to twenty times their body weight, or maybe because there are just so darned many of them, ants often represent abundance.  If your intuition tells you that your financial struggles will soon end, consider ants a friendly acknowledgment from the universe.

If, on the other hand, you have felt precarious in your good fortune and feel like it could crumble beneath you, pay attention to the behavior of your ants.  Do they just hang around in small numbers like little reminders, or do you see them invading you in droves?  Have they stung you?  Are they eating your foundation (literally)?  These sorts of encounters often serve as warnings.  Check your finances and investments.  The ants might actually save you a great deal of stress.

How to get them to leave

In the event that ants have arrived to give you a message, the sooner you receive that message, the sooner they can move on to someplace else.  Consider some of the qualities of ants and ask yourself how those might relate to current questions or concerns in your life. 

If you just want them to leave and really don’t care about their message, then concentrate on the following word-image, “This is not a safe place for you.”  Hold that feeling and then imagine the slaughter of ants that would occur if you still used Raid.  “This is not a safe place for you.  This is not the right location for your home.  Thank you for visiting, but this is not a safe place for you.  I don’t want to kill you, but if you stay, you will leave me no choice.  This is not a safe place for you.” 

If you do kill some of the ants, make sure you continue holding these thoughts strongly and repeatedly in your mind as you do so.  Eventually, the ant scouts will carry away the dead ants and bring “word” to their queen and the other worker ants to go somewhere else.  If you hold these thoughts strongly in your mind, you will need to kill far fewer of them before they understand your boundaries.



Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher. In addition to private coaching and intuitive sessions, she teaches Conscious Eating 101 classes, Intuition workshops and Reiki Certification classes around the US. For more information on classes, animal communication, raw food coaching, transitional coaching, and letting your gifts shine through your career, please see: or call 775-750-9140.

Angels and Animal Communication

When people consider the possibility of animal communication, they often wonder about other connections as well, especially with angels.  If animal spirit guides can visit us in our thoughts and sleep, then why not angels?  If pets or wild animals can help humans heal, then maybe angels seem less far-fetched.  Indeed, the angels want to help!  Moreover, they can actually support your efforts at animal communication.  

I wrote my 1995 honors thesis on the role of Archangel Raphael in Milton’s Paradise Lost.  Research for that paper involved weeks in UNC-Chapel Hill’s rare books library, where I poured over a 17th century text called Thomas Heywood’s Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels.  Written in 1635, this controversial book collects centuries of traditions about angels, including associated days of the week, colors, mythological figures, legends, domain, and expertise. 

Milton knew this source and used it as background for his 1667 epic poem about the Fall of Mankind.  Learning the traditions and seeing where Milton departs from tradition reveal clues about Milton’s underlying message.  Some people may consider Paradise Lost one of those requirements best left to the drudgery of high school English class, but Milton was truly a man ahead of his time!  He wanted to explore the Garden of Eden, free will, the role of food in Paradise, and the relationship of humans to their environment. 

All of their environment, including animals, angels, Spirit, and Mother Earth. 

With the growing interest in raw foods, animal communication, guardian angels, mood/food connections, spirituality, and saving the environment, many of Milton’s 17th century concerns are now in the process of becoming mainstream.  Paradise Lost focuses mostly on Archangel Raphael, whose name literally means “health of God,” “God heals” or “God, please heal.”  Over the years, I’ve found Raphael a very helpful guide for any practitioner of the healing arts.  Raphael helps with all creative endeavors, transmuting complex or esoteric ideas into forms the masses can understand.  He also aids in matters of vision, visions, and escaping negative spiritual influence.  In the Apocryphal Book of Tobit, Raphael helps Tobias heal his father’s blindness with “the gall of a fish,” bringing one of the first tales of an animal helping a human “see” and heal.

Lesser known than Raphael, three Archangels in particular lend support to animal communication:  Ariel, Uriel and Jophiel.  The following information comes from a variety of sources, including Thomas Heywood,, Doreen Virtue, and my own experiences in working with the angels during intuitive sessions and healings.  I’ll spend a little time introducing them here, and if you resonate with their descriptions, feel free to ask for their assistance. 

Ariel:  Known as the Archangel of the Earth, Ariel works closely with all the energies associated with Mother Earth.  Traditionally, Ariel directs fairies, elves, gnomes, sylphs, and water nymphs.  He also inspires and instructs wild animals, especially lions, jaguars, tigers and wolves. 

Ariel wants to help environmentalists and nature lovers protect the planet, and he provides courage to act in bolder ways when defending Mother Earth.  He plays a role behind organizations like Sierra Club and Keep Tahoe Blue.  People who work with Bach Flower remedies frequently have a known or unknown connection to Ariel, as do those with an attraction to amphibians, especially salamanders!

Ariel, whose name literally means, “Lion of God,” lends confidence to people who fear their own gifts and visions.  I once knew a woman with a cat named Ariel.  Myteriously, this cat had appeared at a time when the woman lived in a haunted house.  A devout Catholic, she lived in terror of ghosts she’d seen on several occasions in her home.  After Ariel’s appearance, the ghosts stopped showing themselves, and the woman soon found another place to live. 

Some of you may recognize the name Ariel from Shakespeare’s The Tempest or from Disney’s The Little Mermaid (based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson).  These characters and their names allude to qualities of Archangel Ariel.  In The Tempest, the nature sprite Ariel acts as the magician Prospero’s “eyes and ears.”  In The Little Mermaid, Ariel (a merperson) demonstrates possibilities of interspecies communication.

Uriel: Often confused with Ariel, Archangel Uriel also acts as an Archangel of the Earth.  He makes an appearance in the Apocrypha as a rescuer of John the Baptist and the reuniter of Jesus’ family with that of John the Baptist when King Herod tried to kill all the baby boys.  (See Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks for an artistic interpretation.)  In addition to rocks, trees, and other Earth Elements, Uriel influences storms and supports those affected by natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and tsunamis.

Uriel stands guard at the Gates of Eden.  In Paradise Lost, he mistakenly lets the fallen angel Satan into the Garden; however, Milton’s treatment of Uriel departs from tradition.  Thomas Heywood considers Uriel the angel of Sunday, as well as Angel of the Earth, and modern literature frequently alludes to Uriel as a planet or spiritual figure.  Authors like George Eliot, Madeliene L’Engle, Dean Koontz and many others attribute various powers of insight and judgment to Uriel.  As one of the four highest Archangels, Uriel sometimes appears as “the angel of repentance,” and therefore helps those who suffer from shame, depression, guilt, anger, or victimization.  Uriel’s association with storms and natural disasters emphasizes his ability to wash away stormy emotions, offering solace in the wake of destruction.

Uriel works closely with counsellors, especially those born under the Earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.  In my experience, Uriel offers strong support to people who till the land (revealing secrets of the Earth), as well as those who love cows, bulls, or goats.  Chinese Astrology’s “ox” signs also receive protection and respect from Uriel.  As an angel of the Earth, Uriel enjoys summers of growth and oversees all aspects leading up to “harvest,” including the harvest of spiritual fruit we manifest through personal growth.

Jophiel:  A lesser-known, but influential angel named Jophiel provides wonderful support for those who wish to expand their animal communication skills.  Jophiel specializes in highly detailed work, illuminating complex information and opening the doors of mind and spirit.  As patron saint of all artists, Jophiel enjoys supporting inventors and revolutionary thinkers, including people exploring telepathy.  Because animals communicate in untraditional ways, Jophiel can help humans cull through the meanings of word-pictures.

“Ekphrasis” (pronounced ek-FRAY-sis), which is the verbal representation of visual representation, or the visual representation of verbal representation, formed the basis of my Master’s Thesis.  A Greek term, ekphrasis is becoming more pronounced in the spiritual and visionary artwork of our time.  Much of these new creations seek to invoke music or narratives via visual means.  Jophiel’s unusual ability to collect and reorder multi-dimensional information makes him a primary agent of ekphrasis.  Since animals usually do not speak English, they often share images and feelings that Jophiel can then help translate into words.  Many of the animals with whom I communicate offer deeply beautiful and artistic tales, and Jophiel’s presence can amplify the healing effects of these animal stories.

Many traditions consider Jophiel the angel who exiled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.  Some also hold Jophiel as guardian of the Tree of Life and protector and beautifier of planet Earth.  Perhaps you notice common themes in such roles and feel encouraged by recent efforts to return to simpler, more compassionate ways of eating and living. 


I have worked with animals and angels for years; however, they do seem to be speaking louder these days.  In fact, several animals practically “ordered” me to start this blog!  Archangel Raphael has become such a force that in February 2008, I commissioned a painting of him to hang above my desk.  I can’t wait for it to arrive from Virginia!  Interest in animal communication sessions and angel healing continue to nudge at mainstream consciousness.  Together, the angels and animal spirits long to heal and nuture Mother Earth and her many children.  With their great love, they offer abundant resources to beautify our world.

Raise a Healthy Pet by Knowing Your Best Friend Well

Here’s a practical article about the importance of knowing what’s ‘normal’ for your animal friend: 

Author Susan Thixton talks about pet food recalls and cover-ups and how animals can provide their human friends with “signs.”  This article is not about animal telepathy but about keen observation.  Knowing your pet’s habits and noticing when they shift can alert you to issues before they become more serious.  Highly recommended!

Synchronicity, Intuition and Animals

Many clients and students ask me how they can learn to trust their intuition more, to which I usually reply, “Well, we have this great technique now.”

Silent anticipation, and then the moment of truth:  “It’s called Asking.” 


I let the sentence sink in until my listeners begin to laugh. 

Seriously, though, If you want to learn how to trust messages you receive from God or the universe or your highest self, just ask the respective entity for help in that direction.  If you need signs, ask for signs.  If you need nudges, request those nudges and the courage to act on them.  If you want dreams, then set your intention to receive nightly inspiration.

When people start experiencing more synchronicities, they often feel amazed at their connection with the world but also somewhat overwhelmed.  Events seem to orchestrate themselves in complex patterns whose code seems impossible to crack.  Thinking something must make sense without knowing the details can feel maddening.  Synchronicity neophites “don’t want to miss anything important,” so they have a tendency to note every coincidence coming their way.  Someone called me out of the blue; does that mean I’m supposed to get together with them?  This guy’s also into Sacred Geometry; does that mean we’re soul mates?  I’ve had three dreams about Peru; should I move there?

As someone whose world reflects a huge degree of synchronicity in everyday life, I do understand the simultaneous excitement and overwhelm.  When a 1998 brain injury knocked out my rational side for three plus years, the synchronicities ramped WAY up.  I suddenly had no logical filter to dismiss coinciding events, and I had enough down time to let thoughts swim together into patterns.  Paradox became a huge theme in my life.  If something seemed completely illogical, then of course, it must be “inspired” and therefore right!  Right? Because my brain continually misfired, though, such black and white/either-or thinking left me unnerved.  A paradox one day made perfect sense the next.  My IQ radically fluctuated depending on lighting, amount of sleep, protein levels, noise, and overall mental taxation.  What newbie synchronicity followers and would-be intuitives experience to some degree, I felt keenly in survival mode.  I had no rational side to guide me, so I absolutely needed to develop a trustworthy intuition.  

Unfortunately, placing too much pressure on ourselves inhibits intuition, so I needed to find a way to observe signs, discern the relevant ones, and feel tangibly cared for and guided.  Without too much of that woo woo crap!  When things became too ethereal and yet made sense to me, I grew very nervous.  Bereft of my rational side, I still remembered what it felt like to have one, and blindly following synchronicities felt neither familiar nor comfortable. 

At some point, I realized that animals bridged the gap.  They “existed” in the world I knew, the world of forms and physicality.  Unlike ghosts, visions or clairaudient messages, seeing an eagle did not brand me a heretic, schizophrenic or psychic, because, hey, normal people see eagles, too.  Maybe not too often in Chicago, but it was at least reasonably possible, especially in dreams!  

I began to request that my signs come through animals, because I could more easily share those stories with the non-spiritual people in my life.  I could gage from their responses if such occurences seemed unusual or significant, because most people have had at least some contact with domestic and wild animals.  I also found that animals introduced a safety factor in that people who might otherwise feel threatened by synchronicity or intuition would delight in tales of animal encounters.  The critters offered themselves as a bridge not only from my fledgling intuitive mind to faith, but also as a means for others to let down their guard and explore the idea of a “talking universe.”

In years of professional coaching and intuitive work, I have found animal communication sessions so effective an opening for people that I started teaching classes on how to develop natural aptitude.  If you have a beloved pet, you can start practicing right in your own home.  Simply inviting your pet into the space of sharing will often open up some pathways. 

Other people may want to jump start their telepathic connection or reaffirm their own intuitions by scheduling a reading.  That’s fine; pets usually come into people’s lives in order to support healing on all levels.  Oftentimes they will sacrifice their own health and encourage you to seek help for them from someone who can also help you.  They consider it an honor to serve you in this manner, but they also love when you just come to recognize them as conscious beings!

If you do not have pets (or even if you do), you can ask for guidance from animals in the wild.  Many religions speak of animal totems and animal spirit guides.  These carry the spiritual energy of an entire species, but they usually appear as an actual animal that crosses your path.  You might notice these encounters because of their frequency (like seeing a robin three times), synchronicity (appearance in a dream and then on TV or in life), or rarity (seeing elusive animals like cougars, eagles, wolves or coyotes).  In general, if you feel tingly or hyperaware and wonder if this animal means to commune with you, it probably does. 

When you encounter such animals, thank them for appearing to you.  They don’t have to; they do so as a courtesy for your growth.  Even when an animal only reveals itself through dreams, that spirit offers valuable information to you.  Each person gradually learns what particular animals mean for him or her, but lots of websites exist to get you started.  Unfortunately, my very favorite shamanism website seems to have left the web permanently  Since writing this, my very favorite shamanism website has reappeared under a new name:

In order to assess what an animal spirit may want to share with you, consider what sort of decisions you have in front of you right now.  Synchronicity will work to support your intuition, which in turn works to support your decisions and creation of a life you love.  Before locking yourself into a general interpretation, it can also help to note your own instinctive idea of the animal’s message.  Does it remind you of a particular pet or experience?  If so, then those associations may trump traditional meanings.  The typical interpretations may add layers and depth, but this encounter probably reveals a special angle just for you.

For example, I have long had a close association with eagles.  After my head injury, my physical sight grew unreliable, and eagles suddenly showed up in my dreams.  During my recovery, I would have three to six potent eagle dreams per week.  Traditionally, eagles represent keen sight and hearing (both in physical and psychic realms).  They also have a tendency to take in the bigger picture, something that my own compromised vision struggled to do.  I considered this eagle medicine a potent part of my healing journey.

But the eagle also came to represent something more personal to me.  I noticed that whenever I held a question of whether or not I should move somewhere, the eagle dreams would intensify.  My husband and I move often, and we imagine moving even more often than that.  Over the years, I have noticed that I only see eagles in nature when we have either just landed in a new place or just decided upon the right new place to go.  When an eagle appears in my physical realm, it always fills me with a sense of rightness and peace around our moving decision.  In part because I only see the eagles at such times, the message comes across more strongly and clearly.  For someone else, the eagle might have a different set of personal resonances, but for me, I’ve learned that the eagle synchronizes itself in my waking world in conjunction with our moves.

Animals can also support your intuitions by amplifying their energy ahead of time.  My now-husband lived on Vashon Island near Seattle, and one night I had a sense he might be driving too fast.  I suddenly “saw” a deer about two feet in front of his car.  “Stop!” I screamed, “Don’t you see that deer?”  There was no deer in sight, but he slowed down.  About two minutes later, we both saw a deer stopped in the middle of the road.  Had we not slowed down, we would have hit it going around the curve.  We drove slowly the rest of the night and avoided another potential accident as well.

You live in a loving and social universe that welcomes the chance to communicate with you.  Animals offer a gentle way of engaging with synchronicity to help you gain confidence in your intuition.  They also offer loyal support and protection on your journey.  So …  if you’re feeling overwhelmed by circumstances or coincidences, invite the animals to help.  You’ll feel extra blessed and glad you did!


Laura Bruno is an Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher:  She has also written two books, If I Only Had a Brain Injury and The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide.


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