The Long Planned Ebola HOAX by Will Knott . . . Since I can find no source, I would very much like comments on this post . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean


Discernment advised on this one, but I’m sharing because I know that at least some of it is true: the pandemic laws on the books are verifiable. I also sense (and mentioned in yesterday’s post) about the genetically modified (“war gamed” / weapons grade) new strain of Ebola as a means of getting people to renounce their rights and usher in Martial Law. I’ve also previously addressed the possibility of mandatory vaccinations, which would not surprise me in the event of a “real” (purposely implemented) pandemic or a complete media snow job.

Having a strong immune system is important regardless; however, so is having a highly functioning BS detector. Back in 2013, I opted for a magick wand and magickal self-defense specifically in response to the idea of mandatory vaccination, but through this blog, I also lobby daily for a mass awakening to keep such sicko plans at bay. The Nazi thugs can salivate, but it doesn’t mean they get to eat their hearts(????) out.

I’m not entirely sure how to shift out of this agenda other than continuing to inform people about the various totalitarian agendas so that people can recognize for themselves when spin conveniently places people and situations into the cross-hairs of the overall agenda. As far as I’m concerned, mandatory vaccinations constitute rape and potential murder — along with extreme violations on every level. I hold by yesterday’s post advising prayer. It works. Let’s imagine and activate the positive, healthy realities beyond such global machinations.

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Thanks to Bill, who shared in a Comment. . . I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find a source? ? ?

One starts with the inflated Ebola numbers in Africa, the involvement of Soros and Gates in a bioweapons lab linked to the deaths, the curious involvement of Tulane University infamous for weaponizing the polio vaccine, and the story begins ….

Right now the US media and the false alternative media (Infowars and Natural News being two) are reading from a script, inventing a story out of whole cloth that Ebola has spread across the entire US. It’s a total lie.

Why is this happening? Because the Western elite – the Cabal, the Illuminati, or whatever name one wishes to apply to the corporate Shadow Government running the US and much of the world – are following their own script planned years ago. It includes destroying the economy of the US…

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In a Time of Apocalypse


A wonderful post by Colette explaining the origins of the word “Apocalypse,” along with some inherently positive aspects to that word and concept. Some of you may already know this information, but as always, the photos are worth the click-through!

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage: 001

Apocalypse…full disclosure of all the truth, of what was, is and will be. 002

Most of us are aware of the Biblical connotations of the word,”apocalypse, but few know that the word pre-dates both the old and new testament of the Bible and is actually from Ancient Greek. 003

The verb form of the Greek means simply “uncover,” and the word is often used in a basic physical sense for uncovering the head or body, or metaphorically for the disclosure of a hidden water source or a hidden wrong. 004

Very few people know that the original Greek translation of
“Apocalypse” means “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”… a
disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era
dominated by falsehood and misconception. 006

The veil hides the truth from mankind. 007

We are living in a time of Apocalypse, where the truth is being revealed to us in a cumulative way, day upon…

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Some Good News

After nearly six months of trying, I finally met with our Assistant City Planner to discuss why people were voicing concerns about Agenda 21. I had offered to give some insights from my time in California and other contacts I have around the world — not approaching this from a right wing, “we should be able to trash the environment if we want to because that’s our right” perspective, but from the perspective of someone who values true sustainability and real transparency in local planning.

I agreed not to share details of the meeting until they release the plan for public comment; however, I will just say that it was a very good discussion. Goshen appears to be going about their Comprehensive Plan quite differently than most towns that have become Agenda 21 Beta Testing grounds, truly taking public comment to heart. If the planners wanted something but the public didn’t express support or interest in it, then that item did not make it into the plan. Integrity! What a novel concept in politics these days. She gave me specific examples that did not make it into the plan.

She also explained her relationship to the APA and general attitude towards local sovereignty, although we did not use that specific term. I left the meeting feeling highly encouraged that to the best of her ability, the City of Goshen will have a plan specifically tailored to its needs and desires, rather than some of the Stepford Wives scenarios I shared with her from my time in California. Unlike many areas that have made things like rainwater collection and swales illegal, she assured me that Goshen will continue to encourage such things. Unlike other towns that are increasingly making front yard gardening illegal, this plan will offer specific encouragement for “edible landscaping” and community gardens in public parks.

Apologizing for the non-lunch-worthy conversation topic, I even broached the idea of having the city engineer develop a potential plan for humanure and waste collection that could reduce disease vectors after a tornado/earthquake/extended power outage, as well as save hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water otherwise flushed down toilets. We discussed that safe methods exist for turning human waste into soil nourishment and that perhaps it would be wise to begin at least researching those ways for mass scale conservation and disaster preparedness. Far from being grossed out, she encouraged me to add the idea once they release the plan for public comment.

All in all, I feel very encouraged by the meeting. It goes to show that prayer and portal doors work, and it also speaks well of our town’s do-it-yourself attitude that really explores questions like “Do we need someone else to tell us how to do this?” and “Is this really something we want?” When Goshen became an APA pilot city, I had hoped that we could use this experience to influence how things are done — or at the very least maintain integrity in our own location. So far, so good. I am grateful!

Medical Intuitive Thoughts on the Ebola Situation

Back in January or February of this year, I became aware of two “games” called “Pandemic” and “Plague, Inc.” The Science Game Center’s comparison review of both games describes the various scenarios:

“I was very impressed how Plague Inc. makes a smooth, easy to play and still very complex and strategic game from reality.

“Similar to a board game, the action (and gore) is imagined but the game’s mechanics are clear and gameplay is moving!

“You are a pathogen. You can choose to be a bacterium, virus or a parasite. Your goal is to kill everyone in the whole world. You must avoid letting humans find a cure against you. You must avoid detection. etc. You do this by choosing traits for your pathogen-self that allow you to spread unnoticed until it’s too late… for example. Which country you choose to start in, what kind of pathogen you are, etc. all affect your success and require different strategic maneuvers.

“And yes, there is another game that is very similar to this one. The other game Pandemic (also reviewed on the ScienceGameCenter) came out first, in 2008. Plague Inc. is a new game that you can play on Android or iPad. Plague inc. is easier to pick up and play: so if you have a class of 5th graders and some tablets, Plague Inc. is your game. Additionally, Plague Inc. makes it more clear how changes in pathogen’s characteristics affects spread of disease.”

What infuriated me about these “games” being used on electronic devices and with forums to discuss/brag about strategies for killing the entire world with a pandemic or plague was a realization that someone, somewhere, some military-industrial eugenicist sicko was no doubt monitoring these war games, letting thousands upon thousands of useful idiots pay to determine the fastest way to kill the most people.

I remember feeling complete revulsion and disgust at the human insensitivity and idiocy as I read on the boards the large consensus of starting Ebola in Africa and getting someone on a plane. Most players gleefully determined this would be the fastest way to kill the most people. If this scenario of war gaming sounds far fetched and too diabolical, consider the recent revelation that Monsanto and the US military just gave TEKMIRA Pharmaceuticals $1.5 million and $140 million, respectively, for Ebola treatment drugs.

As Mike Adams of Natural News says:

“Not to invoke any charges of collusion or conspiracy here, but a whole lot of people are going to have raised eyebrows over the fact that Monsanto just happened to be giving a cash infusion to a key pharma company working on an Ebola cure right in the middle of a highly-publicized Ebola outbreak which could create huge market demand for the drugs. The fact that the U.S. Department of Defense is also involved with all this is going to have alternative news websites digging hard for additional links.

“Sadly, the history of medicine reveals that drug companies, the CDC and the WHO have repeatedly played up the severity of disease outbreaks in order to promote sales of treatment drugs. I’m not saying this outbreak isn’t very real and very alarming, of course. It is real. But we always have to be suspicious when windfalls profits just happen to line up for certain corporations following global outbreaks of infectious disease. Vaccine manufacturers, remember, made billions off the false swine flu scare, and tens of millions of dollars in stockpiled swine flu vaccines later had to be destroyed by the governments that panicked and purchased them.”

Learn more:

My point in recounting this (and please do read Mike’s article, linked above), is that the effects of an Ebola outbreak have already been war gamed by thousands of unsuspecting useful idiots in order to create the most destruction possible. Does this mean Ebola will create the intended terror? Not necessarily; however, in terms of contagion, presumed inability to cure, incubation period and maximum horror of symptoms — literally right out of a horror movie — an Ebola pandemic could provide
all sorts of leverage for the deranged mass murderers trying to create their New World Order of total control with less than 500 million instead of 7 billion people on the planet. In addition to killing off large swaths of “useless eaters,” an Ebola pandemic would likely provide maximum trauma and PTSD for any survivors, causing many to lose their minds or at the very least come begging the government for help. “Anything, anything you want. Just keep me safe.”

Truth be told, the Fire Faery in me is still fuming about this entire scenario as it continues to unfold. Between a wide open border in the south of the US, with medical personnel threatened with arrest for speaking out about communicable diseases … to all the suspicious deaths in the past decade of top infectious disease scientists all over the world … to all manner of perfect storm setups happening particularly in the US, but really worldwide … well, imho, it’s time for some serious prayer. I’m not being facetious. Prayer invites and creates miracles, and imho, we need some.

In the past, I’ve poo-poo’d all the hoopla about Swine Flu and suggested people build their immune systems with good nutrition, herbal immune enhancers and, in the event of a pandemic, urine therapy. Yes, it sounds gross, but people have drunk their urine as a homeopathic-like medicine for thousands of years. It’s sterile. It’s free. And your pee is tailored just to you — it gives your body a chance to reverse engineer whatever challenge by giving your body a diluted imprint of all the hormonal and chemical reactions within your body on any given day.

People think I’m joking when I say that if they want to hang out with me or enter my home during a pandemic, they’re going to drink their pee, but I’m not kidding. Do I want to watch loved ones spew blood from every orifice and their eyeballs as they puke and crap Ebola virus all over my home while dying, simultaneously turning all the air and every surface in my home into contagion? Um, no. Really, no. I watched a “medical thriller” a long time ago, which “starred” Ebola. That’s not something I ever want to witness any closer than a television screen, and even there, not again.

What can we do? Well, I am not allowed to give medical advice, so please consider this as just some medical intuitive pondering and personal sharing. As readers know, I am a big fan of prevention and building up the immune system. This link will take you to some of my Favorite Immunity Boosters. I’ve also posted a video before about Fire Cider Cold and Flu Remedy. I would not rely on the remedy when already terribly sick with a pandemic; however, for general immune boosting and support in early stages, I’d do this or something comparable. We have, in our fridge, a mixture of apple cider vinegar, raw honey and garlic, which I break out on the very rare occasions when I feel under the weather.

I really feel like Ebola takes things to a new level, particularly since any pandemic allowed to spread across the world has likely been genetically engineered for maximum effect. Ebola takes the battle for health into a far more spiritual and energetic realm. The immune system relates directly to the strength and balance of one’s heart center. Living more strongly from a place of love than fear helps to strengthen and heal the heart center. Please note that “love” does not mean “denial.” “Courage” does not mean “the absence of fear.” Courage comes from the French word for “heart,” and it implies having so much love that it overcomes the fear. Facing fear also becomes easier when we explore the fear enough to recognize ways around it or through it. Hiding from scary things doesn’t make them go away, but using that emotional energy to summon a “hell to the no” rejection of the scary scenario, coupled with an emphatic “yes!” to the preferred reality really can shift health. This works on individual levels, but meditation experiments have shown intensification of individual results when joining efforts with others.

Very important to remember in any group effort to shift this Ebola timeline: summon health, love, and natural immunity. Also, to ensure that your subconscious isn’t going wacko under the surface, I suggest having a plan in place in the event of mandatory quarantines. Have extra food, water, herbs, medicines, and whatever else you need on hand, in your home and/or on your property. When you know that you have backup, you automatically feel more secure and more courageous. That influences the kinds of realities that begin to surround you.

Lastly, I have oftentimes referenced Runes as powerful, quantum packets of energy. I know several systems, one of which I’m not allowed to teach, and one of which I’ve not found particularly effective. The Armanen Runes, as taught by Karl Hans Welz (the person who patented orgonite but doesn’t enforce the patent, so that it can remain free technology for people around the world) can become extremely useful tools in reality creation and personal protection. This Rune system is self-selecting, so not everyone resonates with it. You don’t need to do all the rituals, exercises and personal initiations to benefit from studying Runes; however, Welz’s Basic Rune Course gives you quite thorough training, should you choose to pursue that path.

In terms of general health and well being, I often like Deva Premal and Miten’s “Mantras for Precarious Times.” I also like surrounding myself, my loved ones and my home with bubbles of light “stamped” with whatever energy signature feels most appropriate. Filling my days with joy, beauty and laughter with deep connections to Mother Earth helps me further to shift premonitions from fear into proactive solutions. I consider the Ebola situation a formidable threat, but I also know that tools exist far beyond traditional medicine. Given our evolutionary times, it seems normal that we would receive continued incentives to step up our spiritual gifts and responsible creation. As with Fukushima and all the other potentially near term extinction inducers, we can choose — consciously and creatively — to rise above such challenges.

NWO psychopaths: if you can’t beat ‘em, don’t join ‘em. Transcend them. We can do this!

Blessed Be.

Share Your Trees at The Inspired Forest of Bealtaine

Colette O’Neill has created an online home for sharing all the tree plantings inspired by Bealtaine Cottage. Some of you know that Colette has planted 900 trees on once barren land and that she feels called to plant thousands more. Doing so at first seemed to require selling her beloved homestead in order to afford the necessary land purchase for so many trees. Some of her readers, including me, convinced her to consider staying at Bealtaine Cottage with the awareness that the Forest of Bealtaine might, in fact, be worldwide.

If you’ve planted fruit trees, shade trees, evergreens … any kind of trees at all due to inspiration from Bealtaine Cottage or from my own gardens (which were in large part inspired by Colette’s work on her once equally desolate land), please consider sending her photos to post on this special page. You can click here to view the dozens of trees already listed. I hear she’ll be getting a tree counter, too!

Dog Faints from Excitement & Love Toward Human Friend

“When a family member returns from Slovenia after two years, this dog literally faints from happiness. Watch a moment of pure joy as this pet dog is reunited with family.

“Don’t worry, this dog was immediately taken to the vet after this video and everything checked out healthy. The vet even watched the video!”

Read more:

“Should I Leave the Country?”


I wrote this in April 2013, but now, fifteen months later, waves of people are beginning to ask me again, “Should I leave the country?” I hold by my comments in this earlier post, just noting that the fifteen months that have already passed represented crucial time you could have been preparing for a move or creating a better situation where you currently reside. Make your decision soon and act accordingly. Act means take inspired action, not just sitting around in fear or daydreams. A tiny step in the right direction is at least a step in the right direction. :) Blessed Be!

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

Since the Boston Marathon, I’ve received quite a few private emails, texts and blog comments from people either telling me they feel like they should leave the US or wondering if I would advise them to do so. That’s a tricky question, because individual circumstances vary widely, but since so many people are asking me that question right now, I thought it merited at least a short blog post. Before I get to it, I want to say that I’m not advising anyone to stay or go: that’s a very personal decision. I’m simply sharing some thoughts, intuitions and observations here. Please make of them what you will. Take whatever resonates and leave the rest for someone else who might have a different viewpoint and life goals but also read this blog.

You don’t need to be psychic or particularly intuitive to realize things are dicey in the USA. In…

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